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Our Dogs


We have always loved being dog owners and over the years we have had some of the sweetest, most loyal pets to be found. We currently keep two of our dogs in our family home, while two of our dogs live with our son and daughter. Each dog brings a different personality to our home and we are blessed to have the opportunity to take care of such sweet animals.



Juniper was bred here at Celtic Doodles in 2019. She is from Killarney and Lakeview’s Rudder. She is sweet and friendly and loves all humans and dogs she meets. June lives with our niece and her Celtic Doodles' sister, Penny.  

June loves to snuggle, play with her toys and will bring the one to you that you ask for.  She loves children and is very patient and gentle with them. Killarney loves when June comes to visit and they run, play and wrestle. 

We are expecting to have a litter with June in early fall 2022.  Those interested may contact us or fill out an application.



Murphy was bred here at Celtic Doodles in 2018. She is from Trout and Lakeview’s Vinnie. Murphy lives with Trout and her guardian family in Syracuse.  Murphy has a wonderful personality just like her mom.  We can't wait to see how she does as a mother.  Her first litter currently has one female spot on it.  Contact or fill out application for more details.

Murphy loves cuddles, walks and watching sporting events with her human siblings.  





Killarney was bred here at Celtic Doodles in 2016. She is from Trout and Lakeview’s Charlie. She is sweet and friendly and loves all humans and dogs she meets. Larni especially loves playing with puppies, both hers and others. 

Killarney loves chasing tennis balls, mostly at the beach.  Snuggling with her humans is her favorite thing and she will get into a lap every chance she gets.  She loves all humans, dogs and watching TV, although she will bark at any animals on there. 



Trout is a special addition to Celtic Doodles from our friends at Lakeview Doodles. She is friendly, loves animals and humans alike, and is especially great with small children. She is passing her mellow nature along to her pups. Trout lives with her guardian family and their children but loves to come and spend time with us also. We have been very pleased with her litters. We are looking forward to choosing our next breeding mom from Trout’s next litter.



Rylee is a beautiful first generation Goldendoodle and exhibits all of the personality traits common to the breed. She is sweet and affectionate and loves to be around the family. Rylee was the first dog we ever bred and while she is retired now, she is the first of three generations of Goldendoodles that we have come to breed and love.

Rylee currently is with us in Florida and at 14.5, loves to be with her humans and dog sisters Lucy and Killarney.  She loves car rides, the beach and being my constant shadow. 

Riley Jr.

Riley Jr.

Riley Jr. is the third breeding dog we kept from our Rylee. She has had three litters and is now retired and living with her guardian family. Riley has a little doodle brother from one of Trout's litters, Parker whom she enjoys playing with every day.



Miranda is another of our pups from Rylee. She is very friendly and loves to come over to our house for visits. She is the perfect example of a petite miniature goldendoodle weighing in at 10 lbs with a soft, curly coat.

Miranda had one litter of puppies, but because of her small size, we decided to retire her after that litter. She currently lives with her guardian family and her daughter Milly, who is equally as wonderful and a little bigger than mom.



Juno is a wonderful dog ... very calm, sweet, and always happy to sit by your side. She was a wonderful mother to her pups and is now retired and has settled into retirement with her forever guardian family.


Family Pets  


Coda, our fun-loving, playful Goldendoodle lives in Syracuse, NY  with our son James.  She enjoys going to work at Landscapes East with him every day.  Coda loves all humans enjoys wrestling and playing with the other dogs.

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