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This agreement is between Seller, Celtic Doodles, LLC, and (Buyer) __________________________________.

NYS law stipulates that you should take your puppy to the vet within 14 business days of the purchase - here at Celtic Doodles we highly recommend that you take the puppy within the first 3 days, if at all possible. Though we have already taken your puppy to our veterinarian before sending him/her home, your vet should see and evaluate the puppy in the condition that it was in when you first received it. Some illness can develop due to the stress of moving to a new home, and it is important that your vet have a good "baseline" to begin with right from the very beginning. NYS law does of course supersede our desire for you to take your puppy in sooner; but it would be in the puppy's best interest for you to do so.

It is necessary to protect your puppy from contagious diseases until an entire series of 4 vaccines has been given. Your puppy should not come in contact with other puppies and should not be taken places where other puppies have been until they are fully protected by the entire series. At eight weeks of age, YOUR PUPPY HAS HAD ONLY ONE VACCINE, AS IS THE PROPER VACCINE PROTOCOL FOR HIS/HER AGE – AND IS NOT FULLY PROTECTED AGAINST DEADLY CONTAGIOUS DISEASES SUCH AS PARVO VIRUS AND DISTEMPER (in addition to others). Precaution also needs to be taken at your veterinarian’s office as people take sick animals there and this could also be a potential risk to your new puppy.

At Celtic Doodles we do our best to rid your puppy of worms. However it is possible for the puppy to have a negative stool sample at our vets, and then become infected due to the stress of moving to a new home. We highly recommend that you ask your vet to do a routine stool sample check at each visit. We do not guarantee against parasites, viral or bacterial diseases unless covered under the NYS Law.

Celtic Doodles does not guarantee against accidental death, environmental based problems, non-genetic issues, parasites of any kind, theft, or loss of dog due to anything other than what is stated in this contract or within the NYS "Sale of Dogs and Cats".
This warranty does not include allergy or shedding issues, temperament or size issues, seizures, viral or bacterial illnesses, infections, improper bites, ear infections, hernias, hypoglycemia, Giardia, Coccidiosis or parasites of any kind. It also does not include any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals, physical injury or issues of unknown origin or that may have an environmental link. Upon execution of this contract all veterinary care and associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Buyer except as written in the NYS Law.

All purchase agreements, guarantees and spay/neuter contracts must be signed and returned to Lakeview Doodles within 14 days of taking possession of the puppy or this 24 month extended health guarantee is null and void.

This puppy is being sold with a Spay/Neuter Agreement and must be spayed or neutered by 12 months of age. All certificates of spay/neuter must be provided to Celtic Doodles by the time the puppy is 12 months of age or this 24 month extended health guarantee is void and legal action may be taken at the Buyers expense. (Any appropriate registration paperwork will be forwarded after Celtic Doodles receives written proof of alteration from your vet.) No breeding rights have been given – breeding of this puppy/dog is not allowed. Seller may remove the dog from the owner if it has been bred without breeding rights, or financial compensation in the amount of 5x the original purchase price of the puppy will be paid to the seller by the buyer.

This guarantee is non-transferable. If the puppy is sold or given away this extended health guarantee becomes void. Also, if the puppy has been physically injured or abused in any manner, this guarantee is void.

Celtic Doodles does guarantee your Puppy from hip dysplasia*, elbow dysplasia, eye conditions that are genetic in origin and genetic heart disorders that are serious enough to require treatment, until 24 months of age.

*If the puppy is diagnosed by OFA (or other accredited certifier) as being severely dysplastic on or before 24 months of age, the Buyer must submit a copy of the OFA report to Celtic Doodles. A veterinarian cannot make the diagnosis, it can only be made by OFA, Penn Hip, or other accredited hip specialist certifiers and the puppy must be sedated for the radiograph to be taken.

Should a Veterinarian determine that the puppy has a hereditary defect as listed above, a statement setting forth such defect from the diagnosing veterinarian, on his/her letterhead, must be sent within 24 hours of such determination the right to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian of our choice, at our expense; all other veterinary and transportation expenses are the Buyers obligation.
If it is verified that the puppy has a hereditary defect, Celtic Doodles will reimburse buyer for veterinary expenses related to the defect up to the purchase price of the puppy, with the buyer retaining ownership of the puppy. Shipping fees will not be refunded.

The puppy must be kept current on all vaccinations including a rabies vaccination after 4 months of age. The puppy should be kept on a flea and tick preventative as well as a monthly heartworm preventative. Copies of these records are required to be submitted to Celtic Doodles if Buyer is requesting reimbursement for any reason. This extended health guarantee is void if the puppy has not been given necessary vaccinations, regular heart worm, or is housed in an outdoor kennel. Dogs must be housed indoors.

If the puppy should die from a suspected congenital defect within 24 months of age a necropsy (animal autopsy) must be performed, at the Buyers expense, by a state licensed Veterinarian. If the necropsy determines that a congenital defect is the cause of death, Celtic Doodles will refund the expense of the necropsy; as well as provide another puppy of equal value, or refund the purchase price of the puppy, to the Buyer.

The Undersigned Buyer has read the above conditions and agrees to abide by them.
Puppy Buyer's Name (please print) x_________________________________ Date___/___/___
Puppy Buyer's Signature x______________________________________________

Celtic Doodles Owner
Lyn Burt    ________________________________________________ Date ___/___/___
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Spay & Neuter Agreement


In consideration for the purchase of the Celtic Doodle described below:

Mini Multigen English Goldendoodle:
Mom ~
& Dad

Ribbon & Gender :

Conditions of Sale:

Buyer agrees to neuter/spay the above described doodle on or before 7 months of age (x/x/xx), but not before 5 months of age.

Buyer agrees to provide Seller with a certificate of alteration signed by a licensed veterinarian within 8 months of the puppy's date of birth.

If Buyer fails for any reason to spay/neuter the above doodle on or before the date listed and/or provide the Seller a certificate of alteration, the Buyer agrees to pay for any and all fees, including but not limited to, legal fees, court costs, depositions, telephone bills, veterinary expenses, etc. incurred by the Seller and it's agents to enforce this contract. Such failure will also invalidate the health guarantee provided for the doodle.

Transfer of ownership or housing of this doodle is not allowed. Doodle must be returned to breeder. Failure to adhere to this will result in a $10,000 fine plus legal fees.

It is understood that no registration papers will be provided for this doodle until the spay/neuter agreement has been completed and returned.

Buyer x________________________________________________

Date x______________________

Seller Celtic Doodles x________________________________________________

Date x______________________

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